Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 2, March 1990

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Introductory remarks

by: Michel Breger

The response to the first newsletter was extremely positive, which confirrned the need of our field for its own newsletter. Thanks to all the contributors to this issue.

Quite a few of us will be able to attend the IAU General Assembly to be held during July, 1991 in Buenos Aires. Commission 27 (Variable Stars) is planning a special scientific session on the role of stellar rotation in stellar variability. Rotation causes or affects the observed variability of a variety of different types of variable stars. For Scuti stars, rotation influences the incidence of variability and size of the amplitudes as well as rotational splitting of nonradial modes. Hopefully we will have many interesting discussions.

The next issue of the newsletter should appear in October with an editorial deadline of October 1. Keep those papers and news items for your newsletter coming! Should you have access to electronic mail, please send the text by E-Mail