Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 5, October 1992

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  1. Introductory remarks
  2. by: Michel Breger

  3. News:
    1. A spectroscopic search for nonradial pulsations in the Delta Scuti Stars, Delta Delphini and Epsilon Cephei
    2. by: D.Baade, S.Bardelli, J.Ph.Beaulieu, S.Vogel.

    3. Nonradial pulsation of a rapid rotator in the Praesepe cluster
    4. by: M.Breger, J.Stich, R.Garrido, B.Martin, Jiang Shi-yang, Li Zhi-ping, W.Ostermann, M.Scheck, M.Paparo

    5. Four frequencies of V650 Tau
    6. by: Jiang Shi-yang, Li Zhi-ping

    7. GLOBUS campaign
    8. by: DSN, WET

  4. Tau Peg and Theta2 Tau: Mode identification from line profile variation
  5. by: E.J.Kenelly

  6. 44Tau: A reanalysis of the 1977-78 measurements
  7. by: R.Garrido, E.PORETTI

  8. The effects of helium diffusion on Delta Scuti Light curves
  9. by: J.A.Guzik

  10. HD 220392: A new short-period variable component in an interesting binary system
  11. by: P.Lampens

  12. A small telescope array with CCD cameras (STACC)
  13. by: S.Frandsen

  14. A small telescope array with CCD cameras (STACC)
  15. by: A.Jones, H.Kjeldsen, S.Frandsen, J.Christensen-Dalsgaard, J.Hjorth, M.Sodemann, B.Thomsen, M.Viskum