Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 5, October 1992

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Introductory remarks

by Michel Breger

After attending a number of interesting meetings in our field and enjoying the discussions with some of you, it is time to settle down again and produce the latest newsletter. We hope that you will find the contents interesting and stimulating. Our thanks go once again to the many contributors as well to Eddi Serkowitsch who assisted with the production.

Our previous call for provocative reviews and critiques was partially successful. The note on 44 Tau by Poretti and Garrido represents a serious attempt to reconcile the different conclusions in previous papers.

If you are submitting a paper on Delta Scuti stars to a major journal, why not send a summary of the contents to us for the next newsletter? The next issue of the newsletter will be published at the end of April. Contributions (papers, news items, and personal commentaries) should preferably be sent by E-Mail. ASCII text is fine since we use a DTP program. Contributions should be received by April 30, 1993.