Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 5, October 1992

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GLOBUS campaign

by: DSN, WET

During March, 1993 a major multisite campaign will study the star HD 106384 (FG Vir) photometrically. The DSN (Delta Scuti Network) and WET (Whole Earth Telescope) will join forces to form the GLOBUS Network.

DSN will use the traditional three-star technique with the variable and two comparison stars to detect the periods longer than 30 minutes. An attempt will be made to examine the presently difficult period range between 0.5 and 3 days as well. On the other hand, WET will observe the star continuously in order to cover the periods shorter than 30 minutes. The merging of the two data sets should give the largest pulsation frequency coverage obtained so far for a Delta Scuti variable. The principal investigators are Michel Breger and Don Winget. The same techniques will also be applied to the DOV variable PG 1159-035.