Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 5, October 1992

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Four frequencies of V650 Tau

by: Jiang Shi-yang, Li Zhi-ping

Jiang Shi-yang and Li Zhi-ping report:

During November, 1991, they joined the third STEPHI campaign. 17 out of 21 nights had useful observations with a total of 110 hours. The telescope used for V650 Tau was the 2.16 meter reflector of Xing-Long Observatory with a Chevreton four-channel photometer and a blue 19.3 nm bandpass filter centered at 421.5 nm. The other two sites were Observatorio del Teide, Spain, and Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de San Pedro Martir, Mexico.

The following four frequencies were determined: 17.04506, 32.6384, 25.2941, and 28.7761 cycles per day. The corresponding amplitudes are 27.6, 14.3, 8.9, and 8.2 mmag, respectively. These four frequencies fit the observed light curves well to 3.3 mmag.