Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 8, Jan 1995

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  1. Introductory remarks
  2. by: Michel Breger

  3. News:
  4. The Delta Scuti Star KW284 in the Praesepe cluster revisited
  5. by: Eric Michel, Juan Antonio Belmonte, Manuel Alvarez, Jiang Shi Yang

  6. Scuti stars in stellar systems
    A progress report on STACC
  7. by: S.Frandsen, M.Viskum

  8. Multisite, multicolour observation of Theta Tucanae
  9. by: M.Paparo, C.Sterken, H.Spoon, P.Birch, M.Candy, P.Crake

  10. The cause of variability of HD 96008
  11. by: L.Mantegazza, E.Poretti

  12. Intemediate overtone oscillations of Tau Cyg
  13. by: D.E.Mkritichian, Yu.T.Fedotov, Yu.S.Romanov