Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 9, September 1995

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News - New Delta Scuti stars discovered at McDonald Observatory

by: G.Handler, E. Paunzen

During the course of searches for photometric variability among Lambda Bootis stars (e.g. Paunzen et al. 1994) as well as for variable central stars of Planetary Nebulae ( Handler 1995) we discovered three new Delta Scuti stars. Here we briefly announce our findings in order to inform researchers keeping the Delta Scuti star data base up to date. More detailed reports will be submitted to IBVS.

All observations were acquired by GH with the 0.9m telescope at McDonald Observatory in August, 1995. The Texas two-channel photometer was used, but only Channel 1 was employed to obtain differential photometry through Stroemgren v and b or Johnson V filters, depending on the program. The reductions and analyses were performed by EP and GH. Table 1 summarizes the results on our new variables.

Table 1. New Delta Scuti stars
Star Period Semi-amplitude Filter V comment
(minutes) (mag) (mag)
HD 1928712650.028v 7.2multiperiodic
HD 221756600.0035v 5.6probably multiperiodic
HD 2309902650.022V 9.4

We also note that we confirmed the variability of HD 192640 (29 Cyg). This star is multiperiodic and shows a dominant period of 39 minutes in our data. However, we did not find convincing evidence for variability of HD 125161 (Iota Boo), as suggested by Albert (1980) and Gal et al. (1994).


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