NEW! In this section, the new additions to the site are listed.

Link to an updated list of RR Lyrae stars in the Kepler field. (Link to the Kepler mission.) Input or comments on this list are warmly welcomed.

Link to a list of known, rather bright, Blazhko RR Lyrae stars. This list is just a start, and has no ambition to be exhaustive! It just serves as a starting point.

Link to stellar music. What is the sound of the Sun, made audible? How does a white dwarf sound, and a red giant? And what does a Blazhko star sound like?

More links to sites relevant to the Blazhko effect are added in the Interesting links section.



Interesting Links

AAVSO --- American Association of Variable Star Observers.

August 2002: XZ Cyg --- A very clear general introduction to RR Lyrae stars anfd the Blazhko effect on the AAVSO site (Variable Star Of The Month Archive)

ASAS --- The All Sky Automated Survey is a project which final goal is photometric monitoring of approximately 10000000 stars brighter than 14th magnitude all over the sky.

Delta Scuti Network (DSN) --- A collaboration of astronomers all around the globe who observe and study short periodic variable stars. The DSN was founded by Michel Breger in 1983 at the University of Texas and the University of Vienna with the goal to improve the frequency solutions for multiperiodic Delta Scuti Stars.

GEOS RR Lyrae database --- The "Groupe Européen d'Obervation Stellaire" is composed by variable star observers from different European Countries. A special site is devoted to observations of RR Lyrae stars, listing the latest monitored light maxima. Very useful for all RR Lyrae observers!

MACHO project --- This international collaboration, looking for dark matter in the halo of our Milky Way (MACHOs: MAssive Compact Halo Objects), has yielded lots of new data on variable stars.


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