Department of Theoretical Physics
University of Vienna
Prof. Helmuth Hüffel



November 25 - 27, 2005









L. Bergstrom (Stockholm):

Candidates and Prospects of Detection for Particle Dark Matter


W. Buchmüller (DESY):

Leptogenesis and the Gravitino Problem


M. Camenzind (Heidelberg):

Black Holes in the Universe


L. Covi (CERN):

Inflationary Models and a Running Spectral Index


E. Kolb (Fermilab):

Thoughts on Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Inflation


B. Leibundgut (ESO):

Supernova Cosmology and Geometry


S. Masi (Rome):

CMB Polarization: Status and Perspectives


W. Porod (Valencia):

SUSY Dark Matter at Future Collider Experiments


G. Raffelt (Munich):

Neutrino Physics in Heaven


A. Ringwald (DESY):

The High Energy Universe: Observations and Implications


D. Schwarz (Bielefeld):

Low-l Anomalies of the Microwave Sky



At the first evening of the seminar E. Kolb (Fermilab) will additionally give a Public Lecture on astroparticle physics.


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