Department of Theoretical Physics
University of Vienna
Prof. Helmuth Hüffel



November 25 - 27, 2005









Markus Ahlers (DESY):

Strongly Interacting Neutrinos at Ultra High Energies


Alexey Anisimov (Munich):



Irina Arefeva (Moscow):

D-Brane Decay and Cosmological Dark Energy


Marek Biesiada (Katowice):

Pulsating White Dwarfs as a Tool for Astroparticle Physics


Hristu Culetu (Constanta):

On the Hawking Wormhole Horizon Entropy


Marie-Hélène Genest (Montréal):

Extended LHC Reach in Focus Point Region of MSSM


Tamás Herpay (Budapest):

Mapping the Boundary of the First Order Finite Temperature Restoration of Chiral Symmetry in the mπ-mK Plane with a Linear Sigma Model


Hrvoje Nikolic (Zagreb):

Holographic Dark Energy and IR Scale of the Universe


Thomas Schwetz (Trieste):

Neutrino Oscillations: Present Status and Outlook


Denes Sexty (Budapest):

Non-Equilibrium Higgs Transition in Classical Scalar Electrodynamics


Sergey Shinkevich (Moscow):

Relativistic Theory of Inverse Beta-Decay of Polarized Neutron in Strong Magnetic Field


Maria Sidorova (Moscow):

Rare Meson Decays in theories beyond the Standard Model


Fuminiobu Takahashi (Hamburg):

MeV-scale reheating and Neutrino Thermalization


Albert del Moral Villanova (València):

Predicting Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in the A4 Family Symmetry Model





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