BnF lässt 210.000 Bücher mittels eines Konsortiums in den nächsten 3 Jahren digitalisieren

Google scheint anfangs auch kon­tak­tiert wor­den sein, dürfte dann aber nicht das Rennen gemacht haben:

Die Pressemeldung:

The BnF has just signed a new deal with the Jouve-Safig-Diadéis part­nership for the digi­tiza­tion of its print collections.

As the prin­ci­pal rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the ope­ra­tion, the Jouve Group will work in part­nership with Safig, Diadéis and the sub­con­trac­tor BancTec, to digi­tize more than 70,000 works per year, of which around 70% will come from the print collec­tions of the BnF and 30% from the collec­tions of part­ner libra­ries. Financed by the Centre natio­nal du livre, the agree­ment has been agreed for a three year period, rene­wable for one year after.

The pre­vious agree­ment was signed in 2007 with a Safig-BancTec-Diadéis part­nership. It allo­wed the digi­tiza­tion and OCR (opti­cal cha­rac­ter reco­gni­tion) of 36.6 mil­lion pages.

The new deal will offer very high stan­dards of qua­lity: 400 DPI reso­lu­tion, digi­tiza­tion in colour or grey­scale, a mini­mal gua­ran­teed OCR stan­dard of 98.5% for docu­ments pro­du­ced after 1750, and 20% of docu­ments digi­ti­zed with high qua­lity OCR (99.9%). In addi­tion, at least 10% of docu­ments will be pro­vi­ded in an ePub ver­sion, com­pa­ti­ble with mobile e-readers.

The docu­ments will enrich Gallica, the BnF’s digi­tal library ( They will cover a range of sub­jects, inclu­ding French history, art, French lite­ra­ture, phi­lo­so­phy, law, eco­no­mics, poli­tics, sci­ence and technology…


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