You cannot put the Google back into the bottle

Reflections on Google Book Search: You Can’t Put the Google Back Into the Bottle
by J. Esposito

… I am not going to revi­sit the legal issues here, about which I am abso­lu­tely inex­pert. What has caught my atten­tion is how irre­le­vant the sett­le­ment has become. The world has chan­ged because of Google’s trans­gres­si­ons, and whe­ther the sett­le­ment were appro­ved or not, you can’t roll back the tape and see the world as it was before Google set up an assem­bly line of digi­tal came­ras and got to work. We live in the post-Google era now, where large-scale digi­tiza­tion pro­jects are taken for gran­ted and where the publis­hing indus­try has been restruc­tu­red around the anti­ci­pa­tion of a ser­vice that the absence of an appro­ved sett­le­ment has left in limbo. …


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