Facebook for Libraries

Facebook for Libraries (By David Lee King)

It’s easy to use social media’s most popu­lar tool to con­nect with your community.

Today, I spent part of the day con­nec­ting with people. I com­plai­ned about a silly elec­tion video, chat­ted with a col­lege fri­end about a band, and put some finis­hing tou­ches on plans for a con­fe­rence taking place at the library.

I did all this through Facebook. These days, it seems like ever­yone has a Facebook account. …

Give your Facebook com­mu­nity the con­tent they want, and they will become your fans. Even more import­antly, they’ll start inter­ac­ting. My guess? Get that inter­ac­tion going, and your customers—the ones wan­ting to inter­act with you in Facebook Pages—will become advo­ca­tes for you and your library—not only online, but in per­son, too.

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