Ikeas Billy folgt dem Medienwandel …?

The books busi­ness
Great digi­tal expectations

Digitisation may have came late to book publis­hing, but it is trans­for­ming the busi­ness in short order.

TO SEE how pro­foundly the book busi­ness is chan­ging, watch the shel­ves. Next month IKEA will intro­duce a new, deeper ver­sion of its ubi­qui­tous “BILLY” book­case. The flat-pack fur­ni­ture giant is alre­ady pro­mo­ting glass doors for its books­hel­ves. The firm reckons cust­o­mers will incre­a­sin­gly use them for orna­ments, tchotch­kes and the odd coffee-table tome—anything, that is, except books that are actually read. …


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