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Aus der Projektbeschreibung:

Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 explo­res Sino-Western encoun­ters by ways of texts and images publis­hed before 1939 and is inten­ded as an exten­sion of the biblio­gra­phy Western Books on China in Libraries in Vienna/Austria, 1477-1939.

Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 aims to pro­vide infor­ma­tion on digi­ti­zed books on China (publis­hed up to 1939) fre­ely avail­able in digi­tal repo­si­to­ries (see: refe­ren­ces) all over the world. By this means our pro­ject wants to faci­li­tate fur­ther rese­arch on the various aspects of the history of Western per­cep­ti­ons and Sino-Western rela­ti­ons. To main­tain this, refe­ren­ces to some major biblio­gra­phies are provided.

At the very begin­ning of the pro­ject (in 2003) we star­ted to com­pile lists of old and rare books in the hol­dings of the Austrian National Library (Vienna) and the Library of the University of Vienna. In spring 2004, a first ver­sion of this lists was publis­hed on-line (since October 2004 on the pages of the Department of History, University of Vienna), refer­ring to about 2000 tit­les that have been retrie­ved in sear­ching the various cata­logs of the two major libra­ries of Vienna. In fur­ther deve­lo­ping these lists, we also inclu­ded prin­ted mate­rial avail­able in the Library of the Austrian State Archives.

Considering the nume­rous efforts of digi­tiza­tion that have been deve­l­o­ped during the last years, the next stage of the pro­ject was to include infor­ma­tion on digi­ti­zed ver­si­ons of old and rare books on China to be found in fre­ely acces­si­ble digi­tal repo­si­to­ries around the globe. In 2006-7, these lists were con­side­r­a­bly aug­men­ted (now con­tai­ning about 3000 tit­les of Western books on China publis­hed before 1939). The search for digi­tal resour­ces on the history of Sino-Western encoun­ters was sti­mu­la­ted in summer/fall 2009 by the pre­pa­ra­tion of a course on the history of Sino-Western cul­tu­ral rela­ti­ons held at the Department of History, University of Vienna.

For most of the tit­les refer­ring to some major biblio­gra­phies this site intends to faci­li­tate fur­ther rese­arch on the vast field of the history of Western per­cep­ti­ons of China and Sino-Western rela­ti­ons. As mass digi­tiza­tion pro­jects go on and our pro­ject is a kind of work in pro­gress, we will con­ti­nuously expand the lists of/links to digi­ti­zed ver­si­ons given in sin­gle entries.

While we try to keep the links up to date and use per­ma­nent links whe­ne­ver pos­si­ble, we do not gua­ran­tee per­ma­nent acces­si­bi­lity.
Reports of bro­ken links, cor­rec­tions, and sug­ges­ti­ons are appreciated.

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