Aufsatz von Max Kaiser über das ÖNB-Google Books-Digitalisierungsprojekt in LIBER Quarterly

Max Kaiser: Putting 600,000 Books Online: the Large-Scale Digitisation Partnership bet­ween the Austrian National Library and Google, in: LIBER Quarterly 21 (2012) No. 2.

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Abstract: In a public-private part­nership with Google, the Austrian National Library is digi­ti­sing its his­to­ri­cal book hol­dings. Some 600,000 volu­mes from the six­teenth to the nine­teenth cen­tu­ries will be digi­ti­sed and made avail­able free of charge. The pro­ject demons­tra­tes that public-private part­nerships can be suc­cess­ful in enab­ling our heri­tage insti­tu­ti­ons to pro­vide large-scale access to their hol­dings, pro­vi­ded that such part­nerships are not exclu­sive and free access is ensu­red. The arti­cle out­lines the pre­pa­ratory phase and work flows esta­blis­hed in the project.

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