Chronicle of Higher Education: Google Begins to Scale Back Its Scanning of Books From University Libraries

Google has been quietly slo­wing down its book-scanning work with part­ner libra­ries, accor­ding to libra­ri­ans invol­ved with the vast Google Books digi­tiza­tion pro­ject. But what that means for the company’s long-term invest­ment in the work remains unclear.

Google was not wil­ling to say much about its plans. «We’ve digi­ti­zed more than 20 mil­lion books to date and con­ti­nue to scan books with our library part­ners,» a Google spo­kes­wo­man told The Chronicle in an e-mailed statement.

Librarians at several of Google’s part­ner insti­tu­ti­ons, inclu­ding the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin sys­tems, con­fir­med that the pace has slowed. …

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