EBLIDA news - Issue 6 (June, 2012)

Please find enclo­sed Issue 6 (June, 2012) of EBLIDA news, also avail­able since 1 June at http://www.eblida.org/uploads/eblida/1/1338541294.pdf

Contents of Issue 6:

President’s edi­to­rial

  • News round-up: EBLIDA and Europe: Making Copyright work for Libraries and Consumers;
  • EBLIDA activi­ties: EBLIDA 20th Annual Council Meeting.
  • EBLIDA activi­ties: EBLIDA e-books Campaign
  • EBLIDA activi­ties: EBLIDA NAPLE Conference
  • EBLIDA activi­ties: EBLIDA Position Paper European libra­ries and the chal­len­ges of e-publishing
  • EBLIDA’s Who’s Who? This Month: Central Library of the European Commission
  • Events and Dates
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