Europeana Newspaper Survey

The Europeana Newspapers ( pro­ject is under­ta­king a sur­vey of avail­able digi­ti­sed news­pa­pers in Europe, aimed at insti­tu­ti­ons that are not cur­rently part of the pro­ject. The sur­vey has three purposes:

1) To get a clear idea of the extent of news­pa­per digi­ti­sa­tion wit­hin Europe
2) To record the rele­vant meta­data in the Berlin State Library’s Catalogue of Serials ( and as part of the cen­tral index of news­pa­pers being crea­ted by The European Library (
3) To help locate 10 addi­tio­nal part­ners to join the project

We would very much like to hear from insti­tu­ti­ons with news­pa­per collec­tions in Europe. The sur­vey con­sists of 13 short ques­ti­ons and should hope­fully be strai­ght­for­ward to complete.

We would app­re­ciate respon­ses to the sur­vey by July 31st. We will then fol­low this up with dis­cus­sions about importing the rele­vant meta­data so we can expose via the chan­nels men­tio­ned in point 2 above.

Many thanks !
Alastair Dunning and the Europeana Newspapers team

Umfrage bis 31. Juli 2012:


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