Wired: Alexandria 2.0: One Millionaire’s Quest to Build the Biggest Library on Earth

Here’s the pro­blem with libra­ries. They catch on fire really easily. As such, they were the pri­zed tar­gets of the inva­ding hor­des of anti­quity – the model collec­tions of know­ledge of their times, whose only fault was their inherent flamma­bi­lity. They were one-man, one-torch jobs. But the hor­des didn’t prize the library only for how power­fully it bur­ned. Back in those days, if you wan­ted to kill a cul­ture, you kil­led its library. All it took was one chuck­lehead with a fla­ming stick to anni­hil­ate thousands of years of accu­mu­la­ted know­ledge. And it hap­pened often.

“If this is what hap­pens to libra­ries, make copies,” says Brewster Kahle.

And it’s Kahle’s impulse to copy and pre­serve that promp­ted the Internet Society to induct the serial entre­pre­neur and digi­tal archi­vist into the Internet Hall of Fame on April 23 in its inau­gu­ral year. …

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