oedb: The 20 Most Impressive University Special Collections

Easily one of the neatest perks of campus life for the particularly inquisitive, studious, or proudly nerdy involves perusing the school’s special collections. Most tend to involve some combination of rare books and manuscripts as well as information about school, local, and maybe state history. Even smaller collections always harbor some amazing, insightful gems. But some schools score big time, with archives bursting with veritable treasures and groundbreaking finds. This doesn’t invalidate the inherent worth of the more modest special collections out there, obviously. All the same, though … some out there can only be described with „wow“s. …

Siehe: http://oedb.org/library/beginning-online-learning/the-20-most-impressive-university-special-collections

Keine Special Collections aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum dabei …

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