Google Books Bibliography

Version 6 of the Google Books Bibliography is now avail­able from Digital Scholarship: «This biblio­gra­phy pres­ents over 310 selec­ted English-language arti­cles and other works that are use­ful in under­stan­ding Google Books. It pri­ma­rily focu­ses on the evo­lu­tion of Google Books and the legal, library, and social issues asso­cia­ted with it. Where pos­si­ble, links are pro­vi­ded to works that are fre­ely avail­able on the Internet, inclu­ding e-prints in disci­pli­nary archi­ves and insti­tu­tio­nal repo­si­to­ries».

Hinweis von Charles W. Bailey in Jesse.

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