CEPIC-Kongress Dublin 2010: Videos der Vorträge online

Mass Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

Speakers include :

  • Nathalie DOURY (France), General Manager of Parisienne de Photographie(www.parisenimages and Roger-Viollet), France, on digi­tiza­tion of pho­to­gra­phic cul­tu­ral assets.
  • Peter KROGH (USA), ASMP, on the pro­ject of the Library of Congress and the photographers’class action against Google in the USA.
  • Susan O’MALLEY Google on the Google Book Registry
  • Angela MURPHY (UK), The Image Business, on the European Digital Library and Europeana from a User’s per­spec­tive, a cri­ti­cal review.
  • Sylvie FODOR, CEPIC, on how pic­ture libra­ries are affec­ted, CEPIC’s posi­tion and work in 2010 as well as pro­s­pects in 2011.

Der Großteil es Kongresses:


CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage. Its goal is to be the centre of the pic­ture indus­try. CEPIC was esta­blis­hed in Berlin in 1993 as a European eco­no­mic inte­rest group (E.E.I.G) not for pro­fit in accor­dance with the European Communities Regulation and regis­te­red in Paris in 1999. CEPIC has Observer Status at WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and is an Associate Member of I.P.T.C, the International Press Telecommunications Council. CEPIC rep­res­ents over 1,000 pic­ture sour­ces in Europe with mem­bers from most dif­fe­rent European countries.

Unter issues eini­ges zu Urheberrechtsfragen, ver­wais­ten Werken etc. aus der Sicht von CEPIC:

Aus Deutschland ist http://www.bvpa.org/ Mitglied, aus Öster­reich sehe ich jetzt keine Mitgliedsorganisation.

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