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Bibliography 2001

Dambis A.K., Mel'nik A.M., Rastorguev A.S.
(2001) Astron. Lett. 27, 58
Trigonometric parallaxes and a kinematically adjusted distance scale for OB associations

Bibliography 2002

Eggenberger P., Meynet G., Maeder A.
(2002) Astron. Astrophys. 386, 576
The blue to red supergiant ratio in young open clusters at various metallicities

Lata S., Pandey A.K., Sagar R., Mohan V.
(2002) Astron. Astrophys. 388, 158
Integrated photometric characteristics of galactic open star clusters

Bibliography 2003

Pandey A.K., Upadhyay K., Nakada Y., Ogura K.
(2003) Astron. Astrophys. 397, 191
Interstellar extinction in the open clusters towards galactic longitude around 130d

Bibliography 2004

No article found

Bibliography 2005

Kharchenko N.V., Piskunov A.E., Röser S., Schilbach E., Scholz R.-D.
(2005) Astron. Astrophys. 438, 1163
Astrophysical parameters of galactic open clusters

Bibliography 2006

Huang W., Gies D.R.
(2006) Astrophys. J. 648, 580
Stellar Rotation in Young Clusters. I. Evolution of Projected Rotational Velocity Distributions

Huang W., Gies D.R.
(2006) Astrophys. J. 648, 591
Stellar Rotation in Young Clusters. II. Evolution of Stellar Rotation and Surface Helium Abundance

Bibliography 2007

No article found

Bibliography 2008

Mermilliod J.-C., Mayor M., Udry S.
(2008) Astron. Astrophys. 485, 303
Red giants in open clusters. XIV. Mean radial velocities for 1309 stars and 166 open clusters

Frinchaboy P.M., Majewski S.R.
(2008) Astron. J. 136, 118
Open Clusters as Galactic Disk Tracers. I. Project Motivation, Cluster Membership, and Bulk Three-Dimensional Kinematics

Mathew B., Subramaniam A., Bhatt B.C.
(2008) Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 388, 1879
Be phenomenon in open clusters: results from a survey of emission-line stars in young open clusters

Maciejewski G., Bukowiecki L., Brozek T., Georgiev Ts., Boeva S., Kacharov N., Mihov B., Latev G., Ovcharov E, Valcheva A.
(2008) Inf. Bull. Var. Stars No 5864
Variable stars in the field of the open cluster NGC 457

Bibliography 2009

de La Fuente Marcos R., de La Fuente Marcos C.
(2009) New Astronomy 14, 180
The Cassiopeia Perseus open cluster family

Kharchenko N.V., Berczik P., Petrov M.I., Piskunov A.E., Röser S., Schilbach E., Scholz R.-D.
(2009) Astron. Astrophys. 495, 807
Shape parameters of Galactic open clusters

Kharchenko N.V., Piskunov A.E., Röser S., Schilbach E., Scholz R.-D., Zinnecker H.
(2009) Astron. Astrophys. 504, 681
Integrated BVJHKs parameters and luminosity functions of 650 Galactic open clusters

Bibliography 2010

No article found

Bibliography 2011

Piskunov A.E., Kharchenko N.V., Schilbach E., Röser S., Scholz R.-D., Zinnecker H.
(2011) Astron. Astrophys. 525, A122
The evolution of luminosity, colour, and the mass-to-luminosity ratio of Galactic open clusters. Comparison of discrete vs. continuous IMF models

Mathew B., Subramaniam A.
(2011) Bull. Astr. Soc. India 39, 517
Optical spectroscopy of Classical Be stars in open clusters

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