Database contents for the datatype: hpd

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Number of
Cluster NameMeasuresStars
Kron 3:Alcaino31513151
Kron 3:Mighell76717671
Kron 3:Rich461461
Lindsay 1:Olszewski988988
Lindsay 9:Matteucci13801380
Lindsay 11:Mould408408
Lindsay 13:Matteucci2433024330
Lindsay 45:Matteucci4259742597
Lindsay 113:Mould354354
NGC 121:Mighell81358135
NGC 121:Stryker244244
NGC 152:Hodge407407
NGC 152:Matteucci3473834738
NGC 220:Matteucci5597455974
NGC 222:Matteucci42194219
NGC 231:Matteucci23672367
NGC 299:Matteucci4259742597
NGC 330:Bessell28792879
NGC 330:Carney431431
NGC 330:Vallenari18031803
NGC 339:Mighell52475247
NGC 346:Massey878878
NGC 361:Mighell51745174
NGC 411:DaCosta537537
NGC 416:Mighell85158515
NGC 458:Matteucci43944394
NGC 643:Matteucci42784278

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