On-line Help to Table Query

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Upper frame:
List of the references included in the table
Middle frame:
Entry area to search for specific stars from any list
Lower frame:
Display the cross-reference table or search results

How to use it

At the beginning, the lower frame displays the whole cross-reference table, ordered according to the numbering system adopted in the database.
Sort according to another reference
To sort the table according to any other reference, simply click on the link corresponding to the selected reference.
Query the cross-reference table for specific stars
1. Enter the reference number followed by  :  (The default is 0:)
2. Enter the star numbers separated by a space
To search for stars 2, 5, 8, 10 according to the numbering system of reference  2),  enter in the dialog area:  2: 2 5 8 10

Last update: 12 December 1997