List of abstracts received for SCYON

List of abstracts by order of arrival date

Issue No 32, March 05 2007


  1. Star forming region
  2. Embedded clusters
  3. Galactic open clusters
  4. Galactic globular clusters
  5. Galactic center clusters
  6. SMC clusters
  7. LMC clusters
  8. Extragalactic clusters
  9. Cluster formation
  10. Dynamical evolution - simulations
  11. Miscellanous

A. Star Forming Regions

S. C. Wolff, S. E. Strom, and D. Dror  (February 14 2007)
Rotational Velocities For B0-B3 Stars in 7 Young Clusters: Further Study of the Relationship between Rotation Speed and Density in Star-Forming Regions

B. Embedded Clusters

C. Galactic Open Clusters

Jonathan Irwin, Simon Hodgkin, Suzanne Aigrain, Leslie Hebb, Jerome Bouvier, Cathie Clarke, Estelle Moraux, and D.M. Bramich  (February 27 2007)
The Monitor project: Rotation of low-mass stars in the open cluster NGC 2516

A.E. Piskunov, E. Schilbach, N.V. Kharchenko, S. Röser, and R.-D. Scholz  (February 27 2007)
Towards absolute scales of radii and masses of open clusters

Sungsoo S. Kim, Donald F. Figer, Rolf P. Kudritzki, and F. Najarro  (February 27 2007)
The Arches Cluster Mass Function

D. Stello, H. Bruntt, H. Kjeldsen, T.R. Bedding, T. Arentoft, R.L. Gilliland, J. Nuspl, S.-L. Kim, Y.B. Kang, J.-R. Koo, J.-A. Lee, C. Sterken, C.-U. Lee, H.R. Jensen, A.P. Jacob, R. Szabó, S. Frandsen, Z. Csubry, Z.E. Dind, M.Y. Bouzid, T.H. Dall and L.L. Kiss  (February 22 2007)
Multisite campaign on the open cluster M67. II. Evidence for solar-like oscillations in red giant stars

G. Rauw, J. Manfroid, E. Gosset, Y. Nazé, H. Sana, M. De Becker, C. Foellmi, and A.F.J. Moffat  (February 05 2007)
Early-type stars in the core of the young open cluster Westerlund 2

C.P. Folsom, G.A. Wade, S. Bagnulo, and J.D. Landstreet  (February 01 2007)
Rotation and Abundances in Ap Members of NGC 6475

B.J. Anthony-Twarog, B.A. Twarog and L. Mayer  (January 29 2007)
uvbyCaHbeta CCD Photometry of Clusters. VIII. The Super-Metal Rich, Old Open Cluster NGC 6791

Sabine Mengel and Lowell E. Tacconi-Garman  (January 29 2007)
Medium resolution 2.3µm spectroscopy of the massive Galactic open cluster Westerlund 1

P. Sestito, S. Randich and A. Bragaglia  (January 29 2007)
Element abundances in the metal rich open cluster NGC6253

Zoltan Balog, James Muzerolle, G.H. Rieke, Kate Y.L. Su, Eric T. Young, and S. Tom Megeath  (January 27 2007)
SPITZER/IRAC-MIPS Survey of NGC2244: Protostellar Disk Survival in the Vicinity of Hot Stars

J. Ascenso, J. Alves, Y. Beletsky, and M.T.V.T. Lago  (January 19 2007)
Near-IR imaging of Galactic massive clusters: Westerlund 2

D. Galactic Globular Clusters

K. Bekki, S.W. Campbell, J.C. Lattanzio, and J.E. Norris  (February 20 2007)
Origin of Abundance Inhomogeneity in Globular Clusters

P. Miocchi  (February 19 2007)
The presence of intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters and its connection with extreme horizontal branch stars

Kenji Bekki, Hideki Yahagi, and Duncan Forbes  (February 10 2007)
On the Origin of Mass-Metallicity Relations, Blue Tilts, and Scaling Relations for Metal-poor Globular Cluster Systems

E. Carretta, A. Bragaglia, R.G. Gratton, Y. Momany, A. Recio-Blanco, S. Cassisi, P. Francois, G. James, S. Lucatello, and S. Moehler  (February 07 2007)
Na-O Anticorrelation and HB. VI. The chemical composition of the peculiar bulge globular cluster NGC 6388

E. Carretta, A. Bragaglia, R.G. Gratton, G. Catanzaro, F. Leone, E. Sabbi, S. Cassisi, R. Claudi, F. D'Antona, P. Francois, G. James, and G. Piotto  (February 07 2007)
Na-O Anticorrelation and HB. IV. Detection of He-rich and He-poor stellar populations in the globular cluster NGC 6218

Eugenio Carretta, Angela Bragaglia, Raffaele Gratton, Sara Lucatello, and Yazan Momany  (February 07 2007)
Na-O Anticorrelation and HB. II. The Na-O anticorrelation in the globular cluster NGC 6752

Gilles Bergond, Evangelia Athanassoula, Stephane Leon, Chantal Balkowski, Veronique Cayatte, Laurent Chemin, Rafael Guzman, Georges Meylan, and Philippe Prugniel  (February 04 2007)
Globular clusters and dwarf galaxies in Fornax - I. Kinematics in the cluster core from multi-object spectroscopy

Francesca D'Antona, Paolo Ventura and Vittoria Caloi  (February 02 2007)
The first stages of the evolution of Globular Clusters

Francesca D'Antona, Anamaria Teodorescu and Paolo Ventura  (February 02 2007)
Were most Low Mass X ray Binaries born in Globular Clusters?

Thomas J. Maccarone, Arunav Kundu, Stephen E. Zepf, and Katherine L. Rhode  (January 27 2007)
A black hole in a globular cluster

Guido De Marchi, Francesco Paresce and Luigi Pulone  (January 27 2007)
Why haven't loose globular clusters collapsed yet?

W. Bednarek and J. Sitarek  (January 27 2007)
Gamma-rays from Globular Clusters

E. Galactic Center Clusters

F. SMC Clusters

G. LMC Clusters

H. Extragalactic Clusters

T. Díaz-Santos, A. Alonso-Herrero, L. Colina, S.D. Ryder, and J.H. Knapen  (March 05 2007)
Resolving the Stellar Populations of the Circumnuclear Ring of NGC 7469

Francois Schweizer and Patrick Seitzer  (March 02 2007)
Remnant of a "Wet" Merger: NGC 34 and its Young Massive Clusters, Young Stellar Disk, and Strong Gaseous Outflow

P. Anders, N. Bissantz, L. Boysen, R. de Grijs, and U. Fritze v. Alvensleben  (February 23 2007)
The Young Star Cluster System in the Antennae: Evidence for a Turnover in the luminosity function

Jun Ma, Yanbin Yang, David Burstein, Zhou Fan, Zhenyu Wu, Xu Zhou, Jianghua Wu et al.  (February 01 2007)
Age constraints for an M31 globular cluster from SEDs-fit

I. Sableviciute, V. Vansevicius, K. Kodaira, D. Narbutis, R. Stonkute, A. Bridzius  (January 30 2007)
A Survey of Compact Star Clusters in the South-West Field of the M31 Disk. Structural Parameters

I. Cluster formation

H.J.G.L.M. Lamers and M. Gieles  (February 12 2007)
Star clusters in the solar neighborhood: a solution to Oort's problem

M. Gieles  (February 09 2007)
Conference summary: Mass loss from stellar clusters

M. Gieles, E. Athanassoula and S.F. Portegies Zwart  (February 09 2007)
The effect of spiral arm passages on the evolution of stellar clusters

Duncan A. Forbes, Robert Proctor, Jay Strader, and Jean P. Brodie  (January 28 2007)
Damp Mergers: Recent Gaseous Mergers without Significant Globular Cluster Formation?

J. Dynamical Evolution - Simulations

Jonathan M.B. Downing and Alison Sills  (February 27 2007)
The Dynamical Implications of Multiple Stellar Formation Events in Galactic Globular Clusters

Simon Portegies Zwart, Evghenii Gaburov, Hui-Chen Chen, and M. Atakan Gurkan  (February 20 2007)
The present day mass function in the central region of the Arches cluster

Simon Portegies Zwart, Robert Belleman, and Peter Geldof  (February 20 2007)
High Performance Direct Gravitational N-body Simulations on Graphics Processing Unit

Andreas Ernst, Patrick Glaschke, Jose Fiestas, Andreas Just, and Rainer Spurzem  (February 10 2007)
N-body Models of Rotating Globular Clusters

Sverre J. Aarseth  (January 28 2007)
Post-Newtonian N-body simulations

K. Miscellanous

Deokkeun An, Donald M. Terndrup, Marc H. Pinsonneault, Diane B. Paulson, Robert B. Hanson, and John R. Stauffer  (January 01 2007)
The Distances to Open Clusters from Main-Sequence Fitting. III. Improved Accuracy with Empirically Calibrated Isochrones