I would like to extending thanks to the editiors of the monograph series, R. GUTDEUTSCH, G. GRÜNTHAL and R. MUSSON. They have read the first version of the first paper with a critical eye and have given me invaluable hints for revising my paper. To R. GUTDEUTSCH and G. GRÜNTHAL, in particular, I owe a number of important remarks to the evaluation of historical earthquake theories from today`s viewpoint of seismology. I also thank Mr. GUTDEUTSCH for providing me with a number of his own publications, some of them not yet published, about the problems of the critism of historical earthquake accounts and of earthquake prognosis and precaution.

I thank Mr. G.BUDIN for translating the whole text from German into English und Mrs. Dürr for the difficult clerical work.

In a project supported by the "Konrad Lorenz Institut "(KLI - Institute for Cognition and Evolution), the three parts of he investigation (Historical Earthquake Theories from ARISTOTLE to KANT", "Theories on the Causes of Earthquakes in the 18th and 19th centuries" and "Theories on the Nature and Mechanism of Earthquakes") has been transformed by Mr. J. STOCKINGER into a hypermedia system on the World Wide Web (WWW). This terminological knowledge base of historical earthquake theories will complement to data bank of historical earthquakes, envisaged by the ESC working group "Historical Earthquake Research".

Erhard Oeser

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