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The Journal of Slavic Studies and Comparative Cultural Semiotics

Aims and Scope:
Elementa proposes the development of a new branch of semiotics: the science of cultural symbols and texts in its relationship to Slavic studies. It continues and develops investigations begun by the Prague circle, the Moscow-Tartu school of semiotics and their predecessors. The journal publishes articles on general problems of sign systems; evaluates the results of the comparison of different semiotic systems and texts in their relationship to Slavic traditions; opens up new archival materials that bear on the history of semiotic systems and semiotic historiography; and includes "miscellanea", i.e. short notes and comments to various texts. The semiotic legacy of those scholars from different Slavic and other Eastern and Central European countries whose work is not yet sufficiently known to a Western audience due to linguistic barriers and historical obstacles is emphasized.

Elementa gives special attention to:

A selection of papers:

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