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Editorials and sample book reviews recently published in The Semiotic Review of Books.

Volume 13(2) Editorial
Feminism and Semiotics
by Barbara Godard
Volume 13(1) Editorial
What's Next for Psychoanalysis?
by Todd Dufresne
Volume 12(3) Editorial
Deleuze and Politics
by Karen Houle
Volume 13(2) Review
Formal Insistence
by Paul Hegarty
Volume 13(1) Review
Kojin Karatani and The return of the
Thirties: Pscyhoanalysis in/of Japan
by Fuhito Endo
Volume 12(3) Review
Better Off Dead
by Rachel Ariss
Volume 13(2)
Table of Contents
Volume 13(1)
Table of Contents
Volume 13(3)
Table of Contents