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8:15 - 8:45

Registration, Foyer Lecture Hall C2

8:45 - 9:00

Opening Session, Lecture Hall C2

9:00 - 10:00

Invited Session 1, Lecture Hall C2
Chair: Keith Knight (University of Toronto)

Rudolf Beran (University of California, Davis):
Penalized fits to a multi-way layout with multivariate responses (Abstract)    (Slides)

10:05 - 11:15

Contributed Session 1a, Lecture Hall C2
Chair: Ulrike Schneider (University of Vienna)

Anastasia Lykou (Lancaster University):
Sparse CCA using Lasso (Abstract)    (Slides)

Pierre Alquier (UniversitÚ Paris 7):
Lasso, iterative feature selection and the correlation selector: Oracle inequalities and numerical performances (Abstract)    (Slides)

Lexin Li (North Carolina State University):
Nonparametric variable selection via sufficient dimension reduction (Abstract)    (Slides)

Contributed Session 1b, Room "Old Chapel"
Chair: Malgorzata Bogdan (Wroclaw University of Technology)

Florin Vaida (University of California, San Diego):
An extension of Akaike's information criterion to be used for mixed effects models when the focus is on inference conditional on the observed clusters (Abstract)    (Slides)

Kentaro Hayashi (University of Hawaii at Manoa):
Second-order bias-corrected AIC for selecting structural equation models (Abstract)    (Slides)

Zeng-Hua Lu (University of South Australia):
On an expression of generalized information criterion (Abstract)    (Slides)

11:15 - 11:40 Coffee Break, Foyer Lecture Hall C2
11:40 - 12:40

Invited Session 2, Lecture Hall C2
Chair: Gabor Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra University)

Alexander Tsybakov (CREST and UniversitÚ Paris 6):
Sparse Exponential Weighting as an alternative to LASSO and Dantzig selector (Abstract)    (Slides)

12:40 - 14:30 Lunch Break
14:30 - 15:30

Invited Session 3, Lecture Hall C2
Chair: Yuhong Yang (University of Minnesota)

Ching-Kang Ing (Academia Sinica):
Model selection criterion and its consistency in boosting for high-dimensional sparse linear models (Abstract)    (Email)

15:30 - 15:55 Coffee Break, Foyer Lecture Hall C2
15:55 - 17:30

Contributed Session 2a, Lecture Hall C2
Chair: Andreas Futschik (University of Vienna)

Charlotte Vignal (Imperial College & GlaxoSmithKline):
A shrinkage regression approach to tackle the HLA region (Abstract)    (Slides)

Malgorzata Bogdan (Wroclaw University of Technology):
Selecting explanatory variables with the modified version of Bayesian Information Criterion (Abstract)    (Slides)

Lei Sun (University of Toronto):
Model selection bias in genome-wide genetic studies (Abstract)    (Slides)

Christophe Giraud (UniversitÚ de Nice and INRA Jouy-en-Josas):
Inferring biological regulation network by model selection (Abstract)    (Slides)

Contributed Session 2b, Room "Old Chapel"
Chair: Teresa Ledwina (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Keith Knight (University of Toronto):
Adaptive LASSO using principal components (Abstract)    (Slides)

Ulrike Schneider (University of Vienna):
On the distribution of the adaptive LASSO estimator (Abstract)    (Slides)

Benedikt M. P÷tscher (University of Vienna):
Confidence sets based on sparse estimators are necessarily large (Abstract)    (Slides)

Fabrizio Consentino (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven):
Model selection and parameter estimation with missing covariates in logistic regression models (Abstract)    (Slides)

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