Students in front of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Joint Grant Programs

The University of Vienna and its partners aim to strengthen their scientific collaboration. This includes joint seminars/workshops/teaching activities, where faculty members of both institutions meet and engage in a dialogue.

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Portrait of Dr. Polona Zajec

Summer School "Rethinking Global Health" - a review

Circle U. invited PhD students and early-career researchers to the first edition of its summer school on "Rethinking Global Health", hosted by Université Paris Cité from 4 to 8 July.

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Photo of the main building of the University of Vienna - exterior view

Stanford University - Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair

The Distinguished Visiting Austrian Chair Professor will be in residence at Stanford for two quarters of an academic year hosted by the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) of Stanford University.

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Press releases
Co-author Dennis Kurzbach and first author Ludovica M. Epasto in front of the hyperpolarisation device.

Pimp my Spec: Upgrade for Magnetic Resonance Methods with a 1,000-fold Amplifier

Atomistically accurate description of proteins at native concentrations can help to better understand the process of cell proliferation to tumour growth - Kurzbach and Epasto report in "Science Advances".

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Foto vom Dach des Oskar-Morgenstern-Platzes. Zu sehen ist die Dachterrasse - im Hintergrund der Donaukanal mit Bäumen und Gebäuden

University of Vienna: Top positions in international ranking

Current Shanghai Ranking: "Communication Science" remains 7th place worldwide, "Mathematics" has improved to 29th place and "Athomospheric Sciences" improved to the 51-75th ranking group.

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Press releases
Illustration of the dye adsorption mechanism on bulk COF and ultrathin COF. Bulk COF only allows dyes with a molecular size much smaller than the pore size to enter the COF channels, while ultrathin COF provides maximum adsorption site exposure, resulting in high uptake for various dyes.

Nano-sponges with potential for rapid wastewater treatment

A team led by Changxia Li and Freddy Kleitz from the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Vienna developed a new approach to designing an innovative composite material that is highly efficient at filtering organic pollutants...

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Press releases
Group leader Christina Brückerr and lead author Merrit Romeike standing in their lab.

On standby: How the developing embryo guards against viral infection

Expression of a key gene of the innate immune response, Irf1, is controlled by the gene regulatory network that regulates the transition from naïve to formative pluripotency during embryonic development.

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