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Songs Written (and co-written) By Steve
And Recorded By Others

Last updated:  15 Decmeber 1997


Angel Is The Devil   (Steve Earle)

  • Supersuckers (with Steve Earle) "Steve Earle & The Supersuckers"  (CD single: Sub Pop SP 388, 1997) 

As Long As Love's Been Around   (Steve Earle, John Scott Sherrill)

  • Steve Wariner One Good Night Deserves Another  (album: 1989) 

Bible And A Gun, A   (Steve Earle, Jason Ringenberg)

  • Jason & The Scorchers Thunder And Fire  (album: 1989) 

Darlin' Commit Me   (Stephen Earle)

  • Slim Pickens Slim Pickens (album: 1980) 

Devil's Right Hand   (Steve Earle)

  • Waylon Jennings Will The Wolf Survive  (album: 1986) 
  • Webb Wilder It Came From Nashville  (album: 1986) 
  • Lance Larson — apparently never released, but used as Steve's demo of the song (arr. by Garry Tallent)
  • Lowbudget Blues Band (headed by Mats Ronander) Lowbudget Blues Band  (album: 1990, Scandinavia) 
  • "The Klansmen" (the musicians are the band Demented Are Go and the singer is Skrewdriver singer Ian Stuart) Rock'n'Roll Patriots  (CD: 1992, West Germany)

  •      You can draw your own conclusions about the intent of the album from the pseudo band name
  • Whitfied/Russel (Barence & Tom) Cowboy Mambo  (CD: 1994)
  • Highwaymen The Road Goes On Forever  (album: 1995) 
  • Highwaymen (7" single: 1995, NO PS)
  • Susan Shore Old 218  (album: 1995) 
  • Scooter & The Streethearts Stories To Tell  (album: 1996, Germany) 

Down On My Luck   (Steve Earle, Tom Benjamin)

  • The Bill Lyerly Band Prodigal Son  (album) 

Du Staar Stadig Der   (Steve Earle)   —   see You're Still Standing There

Far Cry From You, A   (Steve Earle)

  • Connie Smith —  (promo 7" single: 1985, PS)
  • Marsha Thornton Maybe The Moon Will Shine  (album: 1991) 
  • Rhonda Vincent A Dream Come True  (album) 

Fearless Heart   (Steve Earle)

  • Henning Staerk Hard To Handle  (album: 1991, Denmark) 
  • Soulmates Fall Down Laughin  (Hazel Wood Music, 1992)
  • Shawn Colvin Cover Girl... Extra!  (promo CD5: 1994) 

Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)   (Steve Earle)

  • Sawyer Brown The Boys Are Back  (album: 1989) 

Goodbye   (Steve Earle)

  • Emmylou Harris Wrecking Ball  (album: 1995) 
  • Emmylou Harris Goodbye [including single remix of Goodbye]  (promo CD: 1995) 
  • The Pretenders Goodbye [including the G.I. Jane Radio Edit, G.I. Jane, Chrissie's, Acapella G.I. Jane, and Instrumental G.I. Jane versions of Goodbye]  (promo CD5: Hollywood Records PRCD-10713-2, 1997)  back PI
  • The Pretenders G.I. Jane movie soundtrack (album: 1997)

Guitar Town   (Steve Earle)

  • Emmylou Harris At The Ryman (album: 1992) 

Heatin' Up   (Steve Earle)

  • Ozark Mountain Daredevils Heart Of The Country  (album: 1987) 
  • Ozark Mountain Daredevils Modern History  (album: 1989) 

Hole In My Heart   (Steve Earle, Richard Dobson)

  • Kelly Willis Well Travelled Love  (album: 1989) 
  • Kelly Willis 3 song promo  (CD5 and cassette: 1990) 

I Ain't Ever Satisfied   (Steve Earle)

  • Allan Olsen Gajo (in Danish, song title translated as "Gajoverden Gajovaerd")  (album: 1990) 
  • Steve Palladino (with The Honky Tonk Cowboys) The Honky Tonk Cowboys Are On A Mission.... Impossible  (soundtrack to the movie Wild West)  [CD:  Cooking Vinyl Cook CD 056, 1993, UK]   also includes Steve versions of "Nowhere Road" and "Fearless Heart" —  also inlcludes the cover of "No. 29" by Angelo Palladino (with The Honky Tonk Cowboys)
  • Brothers Phelps Anyway The Wind Blows  (album: 1995) 
  • Gretchen Peters—  (promo CD5 single: Imprint, 1996, PI)
  • Gretchen Peters The Secret Of Life  (album: Imprint, 1996) 

I Thought I Was Dreaming   (Greg Trooper, Steve Earle)

  • Greg Trooper Everywhere  (album: 1992) 
  • Lawnie Wallace I Thought I Was Dreaming  (album: 1996) 

If You Need A Fool   (Steve Earle)

  • Del McCoury Blue Side Of Town  (album: 1992) 

I'm Not Getting Any Better At Goodbyes   (Steve Earle)

  • Mark Chesnutt Longnecks and Short Stories  (album: 1992) 
  • Mark Chesnutt  (7" single: 1992, NO PS) 

I've Never Really Been In Love Before   (Steve Earle)

  • Jim Mundy —  (promo 7" single: Dot DOA-17678, 1976, NO PS)  b/w "Her Love For Her Man"  (Jim Mundy / J. Riggs)

Johnny Come Lately   (Steve Earle)

  • Buffalo Power Live I Lundgrens Garage  ("Live at Lundgren's Garage")  (album: 1991, Sweden) 
  • Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart  (compilation album: UK) 

Little Bit In Love, A   (Steve Earle)

  • Patty Loveless "A Little Bit In Love"  (single: 1988) 
  • Patty Loveless If My Heart Had Windows  (album: 1988) 

Live Wire   (Steve Earle)

  • Zella Lehr — apparently never released, initially intended as a promo RCA single

  • produced by Pat Carter, who happens to have been an early Duke from the LSI sessions (he recorded with Steve on the Pink & Black EP)

Love's To Blame   (Steve Earle, Mary Cutrufello)

  • Mary Cutrufello Who To Love & When To Leave  (album) 
  • you can order the album by sending a check or money order for $15 (US funds only) to:
                Mary Cutrufello
                P. O. Box 33175
                Austin, TX 78764 

Lucy Dee   (Steve Earle)

  • Vince Gill The Best Of Vince Gill  (album: 1989) 

Mercenary Song, The   (Steve Earle)

  • The Cory Morrow Band The Cory Morrow Band  (album: 1997) 

Mustang Wine   (Stephen Earle)

  • Carl Perkins "Mustang Wine"  (UK 7" single: Jet Records S JET 117, 1978, song 1977
  • Carl Perkins Presenting Carl Perkins  (album) 

My Baby Worships Me   (Steve Earle)

  • Tom Principato Smokin'  (album: 1987) 
  • Tom Principato Hot Stuff!  (album: 1991) 

My Old Friend The Blues   (Steve Earle)

  • Proclaimers Sunshine On Leith  (album: 1988) 
  • Janie Frickie Labor Of Love  (album: 1989) 
  • Pahinui Brothers The Pahinui Brothers  (album: 1992) 
  • Eddi Reader & the Patron Saints Of Imperfection Mirmama  (album: 1992) 
  • Susan Shore Old 218  (album: 1995) 
  • Beth & April Stevens Sisters  (album: 1996)
  • Arranmore Another Chapter  (album) 

Nothin' But You   (Steve Earle)

  • The Nighthawks Live In Europe  (album: 1987) 
  • Robin Lee Heart On A Chain  (album: 1991)
  • Robin Lee  (7" single: 1991, NO PS)

Nothing But A Child   (Steve Earle)

  • Kathy Mattea Good News  (album: 1993) 
  • Phon Roll Sunset Boulevard  (album: 1993, Switzerland) 
  • Nicolette Larson Have Yourself A Merry Christmas  (album) 
  • Robin and Linda Williams Sugar Plums: Holiday Treats from Sugar Hill  (v/a compilation album) 

No. 29   (Steve Earle)

  • The Outlaws Wanted! The Outlaws 20th Anniversary  (album: 1996) 
  • Angelo Palladino (with The Honky Tonk Cowboys) The Honky Tonk Cowboys Are On A Mission.... Impossible  (soundtrack to the movie Wild West)  [CD:  Cooking Vinyl Cook CD 056, 1993, UK]   also includes Steve versions of "Nowhere Road" and "Fearless Heart" —  also inlcludes the cover of "I Ain't Ever Satisfied" by Steve Palladino (with The Honky Tonk Cowboys)

Other Kind, The   (Steve Earle)

  • Brothers Phelps Anyway The Wind Blows  (album: 1995) 

Poor Boy   (Steve Earle)

  • McKennard McKennard  (4-track CD: c.1996, Sweden) 

Promise You Anything   (Steve Earle, Maria McKee, Patrick Suggs)

  • Lowbudget Blues Band (headed by Mats Ronander) Country File  (album: 1994, Scandinavia) 

Rain Came Down, The   (Steve Earle)

  • Thompson Brothers Band, The Cows On Main Street  (album) 

Sincerely (Too Late To Turn Back Now)   (Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Jr.)

  • Kelly Willis Bang Bang  (album: 1991) 

Slippin' Away   (Steve Earle, Chris Gates, David Roach)

  • Junkyard Sixes, Sevens & Nines  (album: 1991) 

Some Blue Moons Ago   (Steve Earle, Richard Bennett)

  • Patty Loveless Patty Loveless  (album: 1987) 

Someday   (Steve Earle)

  • Shawn Colvin Cover Girl  (album: 1994) 

Sometimes She Forgets   (Steve Earle)

  • Martin DelRay What Kind Of Man  (album: 1992) 
  • Stacy Dean Campbell Hurt City  (album: 1995) 
  • Travis Tritt "Sometimes She Forgets"  (7" single: 1995) 
  • Travis Tritt Greatest Hits - From The Beginning  (album: 1995) 

Tom Ames' Prayer   (Steve Earle)

  • Robert Earl Keen Gringo Honeymoon  (album: 1994) 

When You Fall In Love   (John Scott Sherrill, Steve Earle)

  • Johnny Lee Bet Your Heart On Me  (album: 1981) 
  • Johnny Lee (7" single: 1981, NO PS)
  • Johnny Lee Greatest Hits  (album: 1983) 

While You Sleep   (Charlie Sexton, Steve Earle)

  • Charlie Sexton Charlie Sexton  (album: 1989) 
  • Charlie Sexton (7" single: 1989)

You're Still Standing There   (Steve Earle)

  • McKennard McKennard  (4-track CD: c.1996, Sweden) 

You're Still Standing There (Du Staar Stadig Der)   (Steve Earle)

  • Nikolaj Christensen Vi Er Paa Vej Til Et Sted, Hvor Blomsterne Faar Lov Til At Blive Nede I Jorden Og Droemme  (album: 1996, Kick Music KICKCD 63, Denmark) 

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