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Peter Asher: "I wonder if by any chance you would like a piece of cake?"

Neon Park: "No thank you. My ears are too sweet now."


Interview with NEON PARK by Charlie Haas


(WAX PAPER (v 4, 3, circa March 1979):


Neon Park is the artist responsible for all covers except that of Little Feat (the first, top left).



WP: How did your association with Little Feat begin?

NEON: It began with a hitchhiker. Years ago, right after *Weasels Ripped My Flesh* came out.

WP: Where?

NEON: Sunset and Cahuenga. [Lowell George attended Hollywood High School near there at Sunset and Highland]

WP: And who was that hitchhiker, Neon?

NEON: Ivan. Ivan the ice cream man. Songwriter extraordinaire. He was hitchhiking in the rain in a tee-shirt, didn't have a coat. He was getting very wet. He had a guitar with him, stuffed under his shirt. That's why I picked him up. He was going to Lowell's house. I was coming from the *Mother's* office, where I'd been talking to Herbie Cohen about getting paid.

WP: Did you?

NEON: Yeah. So I was on my way home, and there was this fellow human being in misery, and I picked him up. Almost got hit by a bus doing it. He said I should come with him to Lowell's.

WP: Where was Lowell living?

NEON: Over in Silverlake, by Marshall High School. I had my portfolio with me, so Ivan said I should show Lowell my stuff. Little Feat's first album had just come out. I showed him my stuff and he liked it. Tornado Turner was there, Martin Kibbee, some of the GTOs...

WP: You've suffered with some title changes on Little Feat albums.

NEON: Only once, really. It didn't surprise me when they changed the title of *I'll Eat It Here*.

WP: To *Sailin' Shoes*?

NEON: Yeah. But *Dixie Chicken*, that surprised me...

WP: What was that called originally?

NEON: Handcuffs and Accordians.

WP: Ah.

NEON: Ah! Makes a lot of sense, you look at the painting ... but someone said, "Who's gonna buy an album called Handcuffs and Accordians?"


WAX PAPER issue is courtesy of LINDA GIBBON, publisher of FEATPRINTS.

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