Punk rockers tore into pieces their fathers’ language, imagery, and ideals in the same way they tore their trousers. Although not exactly knowing against whom/which concept they revolted, revolution was their predominant goal and this included disrespect for everything associated with "them old farts."

Since "no future" was the motto, future could also not be found at the end of the road. Thus abandoning a dream which had throughout America’s history been an outdog’s dream—their dream—they were forever stuck in their suburbian-depression-area. Paul McCartney’s "hope of deliverance" from the darkness that surrounded them, or the symbol of the road to freedom means to a "disbeliever" the same as the cross means to an atheist—and antichrists they were (SEX PISTOLS)!

The PAGANS didn’t give a damn—neither about highway-romanticism, nor about Lao Tse and "the way"-philosophy. To them the way was f+#*ing blocked, they were vegetating in a "Street Where Nobody Lives" in "Dead End America"(1977).

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GOVERNMENTAL ISSUE, another punk pioneer-band from the U.S., entitled their album "No Way Out 82," thus making clear what they were (NOT) believing in! Earlier IGGY POP had used more violent/diabolic lyrics in the STOOGES-song "Death Trip":

baby want to take you out with me

come along on my death trip


baby be my enemy

so I can love you true

turn me loose on you


Add a subtle (British) ironic note to the whole car-business and you get England`s early punk-band the BUZZCOCKS and their song "Fast Cars":

I hate fast cars

they are so depressing

going round and round


Only the DEAD KENNEDYS would have made it—

I cruise alone

I cruise real far

I don’t love you

I love my car


hadn’t the police stopped their "king of the trailer-court" on a highway through Nevada in the song "Buzzbomb" (1982). So they too had to admit that there

ain’t no way to go to heaven

Buzzbomb cornered at the 7-11

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Dead Kennedy's Plastic Surgery Disasters
(section of back cover)

—to express it in the words BAD RELIGION used in one of their early 80s-songs: "Fuck Armaggedon. . . . This Is Hell."