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Woody Guthrie

Hank Williams

selective highlights of jacket art

Whatever the gains in acustic quality when the compact disc supplanted the vinyl record, the change incurred the loss of an art form. The jacket of records attracted a good many artists; its size alone was an incentive (more so, certainly, than CD covers). The late flourish was often inspired by the road and came to a startling diversity.

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Bruce Springsteen

cover by

Andrea Klein,
David Kennedy

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Grateful Dead
Shakedown Street

cover by

Gilbert Shelton

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Little Feat
Feats Don't Fail Me Now

cover by

Neon Parks
(interview and links >>>)

George Washington and Marilyn Monroe in a car, on a treacherous mountain road, about to be struck by lightning . . .

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Jackson Browne
Running on Empty

cover by

Jimmy Wachtel,
Joel Bernstein

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Ry Cooder
Into the Purple Valley

(cover artist/s not mentioned on the jacket)

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Lynyrd Skynyrd
One More For/From The Road

cover by

Sandy Okuma

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Steve Earle & The Dukes
Exit 0

cover by

Mickey Braithwaite,
Jim DeVault

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Dead Kennedys
Plastic Surgery Disasters

cover by

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