Woody Guthrie

The On-the-Road Authenticity of Woody Guthrie
A short essay on the role Guthrie created for himself and how it influences the way we listen to his music.

Two Songs and Their Sources
Presents background information on This Land Is Your Land and I Ain't Got No Home.

Praises and Corrections
See what others have said about the Great Historical Bum

The Talking Blues
The song genre that Guthrie made his own.

"I don’t like dictators none much myself,
What I think is this whole world oughta be run by

Woody’s Style and Performance
Guthrie explains his performance theory, along with a few examples of his way with words.

More Songs
Just what it says.

Books and Recordings
Sources for information about Guthrie, including his songs and published writings.

Remarks and Introductions
More representations of Guthrie.

Take the Woody Guthrie Quiz
If you haven't already, test your knowledge about Woody Guthrie's best known song!


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