Other films that need to be considered for Easy Riders

a partial list, biased and necessarily incomplete

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High Noon
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Bonny and Clyde
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The Misfits
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Coalminer's Daughter
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Midnight Cowboy
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Bound for Glory
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David Carradine starring as Woody Guthrie in the film made from the singer's autobiography of the same title; he's doing a good job performing Woody songs ...
Up In Smoke
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Stranger Than Paradise
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My Own Private Idaho
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Two Lane Blacktop
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Natural Born Killers
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The Trip to Bountiful
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The Accidental Tourist
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based on the novel by Anne Tyler



"Cocky young musician tracks down legendary bluesman in a Harlem hospital and agrees to bring him back to his Mississippi home in return for some long-lost songs." (Maltin Review)

The movie is remarkable chiefly for the music provided by Ry Cooder


yet other films coming to mind:

The Petrified Forest


A Streetcar Named Desire

Rebel Without a Cause

Thunder Road

The Last Picture Show
& Texasville (+ novels!)

Paper Moon

Lost in America

Heart Beat
based on Caroline Cassady's account of her life with Jack and Neal; Spacek, Heard, and Nolte improve a thin text and fuel the Kerouac myth, for a film biography was soon after produced (Kerouac came out in 1985)

The Wizard of Oz (!?)

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