... and the Boogie Woogie

Only a few of the Blues musicians could live on their music, most of them had two jobs. During the day they worked in the steel industry or in other factories and at night they played their music - wherever they had the chance to play.
One place to play was on boogies.

Boogy was a special house or flat party. A tenant could not pay his rent, so he organised a party, hired a piano player (or was one himself), used his last money to buy cheap alcohol and the party could start.

Admission fee was a quarter, and at the end of the night, the tenant had the money for his rent.
The music they played on such parties was (surprise, surprise!) the boogie woogie.

In the prewar Chicago Blues aera, the piano was a popular instrument, but as they tuned the guitars in different styles, also the blues piano had to sound different from a normal one.
Either the piano was not tuned at all and was off tune after a while, or paper was put between its keys to produce an unclear wailing sound. 
And no blues musician would ever play a concert piano this was one of the worst crimes they could attempt.

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