Daisy is the symbol of Gatsby’s dream: pure and naive. The purity of this dream is displayed through the use of colour – she is almost always shown wearing white.

Daisy comes from an upper-class established background. This is established from the first shot of Daisy. She and Jordon are shown lying on a sofa. They are filmed through a filtered lens and are both dressed in white. The scene is the epitome of wealth.

Other methods which are used to portray Daisy’s class are:

-her attire, expensive looking clothing and jewelry

-contrasting scenes between her and Myrtle – Myrtle is always shown in much harsher light, wearing bright colours, whereas Daisy wears white

-shots of her house

In reality Daisy has no substance – she is careless and self-centred, what one could call a ‘twit’. The choice of Mia Farrow for the part of Daisy has often been criticized, however she appears an appropriate choice as she portrays the empty, careless side of Daisy’s character very effectively.