John & Carol





Name: Carol Morrison

Age: 14

v    Favourite Subject: Art

v    Cheeky little girl that wants to be like her elder sister


Name: John Milner

Age: 20

v    Job: Car Mechanic

v    Drives the hottest & fastest car in the valley

v    Group leader

v    Undefeated champion of drag races








John is the eldest of the group and its accepted leader because he drives ‘the fastest car in the valley’. Therefore, he is constantly forced to boast. That evening he picks up fourteen-year-old Carol, who climbs into his yellow 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe.





The kid thinks she is much older and causes him a lot of trouble and embarrassment. But somehow he feels responsible for her and this reveals that there is more under his cool and macho-like behaviour.


"I was a dirty bird. Carol’s not grungy she’s bitchin’."

John to Carol


"Your car’s even uglier

than I am!"

Carol to Falfa










A drag race. John, whose hot-rodding is legendary in

the area, takes pride in driving to a junkyard to point out

cars to Carol that have been destroyed in drag races, their drivers killed. He later meets a racer, Falfa, who is driving

a 1955 Chevy and challenges him to a duel. The entire group

gathers to watch the race on remote Paradise Road

where Falfa’s car crashes from a blowout

(Falfa is not killed).
















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