Name: Laurie Henderson

Age: 17

v    Curtís sister

v    Head cheerleader

v    Most prominent girl at school

Name: Steve Bolander

Age: 18

v    Class President

v    Wants to leave for college

v    Scholarship for college

v    Curtís best friend





"Go ahead, slug me, scar my face. I wouldnít dance with you if you were the last guy left in this gym." Laurie to Steve


"Why should I leave home to find a new home ?"

Steve to CurtW









Steve is convinced that life in this small town cannot offer him any prospects for his career and therefore he regards his scholarship as the only way to escape life in his hometown. He is the would-be businessman, the clean-cut all-American boy, who already thinks of himself as an adult and tries to appear mature and sensitive. Steve wants to spend his last evening with his girlfriend Laurie, who is not very pleased about his impending departure. But that last evening does not meet Steveís expectations of a perfect last night Ė they quarrel and Laurie threatens to leave him.


















However, on the next morning Steve has succumbed to Laurieís blandishments. He decides not to go to college but to stay with her.














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