Terry & Debbie



















Name: Debbie Medway

Age: 19

v    School Favourite: Home Economics

v    Biggest wish: boyfriend with a ‘hot’ car


Name: Terry Fields

Age: 17

Nickname: Toad

v    School Favourite: Economics

v    Biggest wish: to be ‘cool’







"I just love the

feel of tuck and roll upholstery."

Debbie to Terry

"I’ll love and protect

this car until death

do us part."

Terry to Steve




For the total nerd of town – Terry the ‘Toad’ – that night also holds several unexpected adventures. After arriving at Burger City Steve leaves his car in Terry’s care. The clumsy, small, weird-looking loser is now in possession of a car and ‘Terry the Toad’ becomes ‘Terry the Tiger’. And not only does Terry get a car, he also picks up Debbie. The attractive but naïve blonde is mainly impressed by the car which she assumes is Terry’s and this leads to several troubles.




At dawn Terry confesses to Debbie that the car is not

his own but nevertheless she agrees to meet

him again the following night.

























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