Abbie Hoffmann                                            The Yippies

The Yippies were the political wing of the Hippies. They combined counter- culture and political activism with drug taking and an unhibited lifestyle.

According to a Yippie homepag, it was December 31st 1967 when, at a party in Yippie founder Abbi Hoffmann´s New York loft, the idea of a festival of life that should take place during the democratic convention week was first discussed and finally settled. Here is the Yippies call for Chicago:


Join us in Chicago in August for an international festival of youth, music, and theater. Rise up and abandon the creeping meetball! Come all You rebels, youth spirits, rock ministrels, truth seekers , peacock-freaks, poets,(…).

It´s summer. It is the last week in August and the NATIONAL DEATH PARTY meets to bless Lyndon Johnson(…)

We are there( …)! There are 50 000 of us dancing in the streets, throbbing with amplifiers and harmony. We are making love in the parks. We are reading, singing, printing newspapers, making a mock convention, and celebrating the birth of a free America in our own time.

The life of the American spirit is being torn asunder by the forces of violence, decay, and the napalmcancer fiend.

We demand the Politics of Ecstasy! We are the delicate spores of the new fierceness that will change America.

We will create our own reality, we are free America! (…).

We will be in Chicago. Begin Preparations now! Chicago is yours ! Do it!

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