Chronological List of Events

Year Pocahontas Captain John Smith New World Anglo-Indian Relations England
1580 is born
1590 volunteer in Dutch War
1595 is born
1600 joins Austrian forces alliance of Algonkin tribes
1602 Transylvania
1603/1604 returns to England
1606 foundation of Virginia Company
1607 arrives at Jamestown foundation of Jamestown 1st phase: integration, peace
1608 meets Powhatan new settlers arrive
often visits Jamestown A True Relation ...
1609 leaves Jamestown 300 newcomers arrive 2nd phase: passive resistance
1610 marries an Indian? hunger, Bermuda Shipwreck survivors arrive 3rd phase:active resistance Strachey's A true reportery
1610/1611 reforms, expansion Shakespeare's The Tempest
1611/1612 Rolfe/tobacco
1613 is kidnapped first shipping of tobacco
1613/1614 is educated and baptized
1614 marries John Rolfe 4th phase: Pocahontas Peace
1615 gives birth to Thomas Rolfe
1616 visits England
1617 dies at Gravesend
1618 Powhatan dies
1619 first ships with women
1622 massacre 5th phase: Powhatan War
1624 The Generall Historie
1631 dies

Introduction A Map of Virginia Captain John Smith
Pocahontas Histo/myth-tory
Tobacco and the history of the USA The Tempest-The Shakespeare Connection Bibliography