Pocahontas in Wonderland. Shakespeare on Tour

Klaus Theweleit, 1999

book-cover Klaus Theweleit's Pocahontas in Wonderland - Shakespeare on Tour is the first of a series of four books elaborating on the histo/myth-tory of the Pocahontas complex. The author intends to rewrite America's history and expresses the view that America has always been- despite a certain degree of dynamics of its own - a continent invented by Europe.
Theweleit is professor of sociology and evidently loves to combine and connect scientific, historical, but also popular and contemporary theories and findings. He develops numerous strands of ideas, gives information from various possible angles, yet is far from imposing conclusions on his readers. His colloquial language and style, the many pictures, the two kind of footnotes (one as a comment, one as an addition to the main text) make it difficult to decide whether his work can be considered scientific or popular. His book exemplifies the postmodern approach to history and sociology. The author provides fragmentary, yet well-researched, insightful information about history, stories and myths in an entertaining way.

Chronological list of events A Map of Virginia Captain John Smith
Pocahontas Histo/myth-tory
Tobacco and the history of the USA The Tempest-The Shakespeare Connection Bibliography

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