Guidelines for this search engine:

Your browser must be capable of handling Javascript 1.1. if this search engine is to function at all (be sure that Javascript is activated in the browser settings).

Any term can be entered in the form; if it is listed in the data base of the web site as a key word of a page of the web site, a click on the start button will yield a result shown in a table listing all entries.

There are options as to search parameters. You can search for

parts of a phrase/term
compare the term with the beginning of an indexed phrase if Beginning with first letter of a word entered is marked
the exact spelling/capitalization if Capitals, yes or no is entered
use the Boolean operators or, and, not and brackets for complex search routines

If terms and key phrases of the database match, a list will be produced which will

be built anew for each entry
add new items to the list if save entries found is marked.
allow the return to a blank entry if no entry is marked.

Please note that each term can consist of only one word. If you search, e.g., for Little Feat, you must enter Little and Feat; if you search for Kate Chopin, you must enter Kate and Chopin. If you search for entries on Neal Cassady but wish to exclude Kerouac and Ginsberg, you must enter (Neal and Cassady) not (Kerouac and Ginsberg).