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The way to herself is funny and sad, superficial and deep, sharing and lonely.

It begins "at home" to end on the road.

Two women leave. They go out to hunt. The women are the hunters, preying and preyed upon.


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The males are unimportant, they are only figures like shadows. The world bursting with bright colors, with energy, with life is made by women belongs to the women is +denied+.

The journey on the road is a quest in which they strip their souls naked to be reborn as "man." Danger is sensual, sexual, and being two-gether means becoming one. Not one woman or male, not hunter or prey, ONE. This ONE-ness renders power. It is they who make the decision about their own lives. It is they who have the power of ridiculing their pursuers by just leaving.

Leaving the road to arrive at home.


Gender on the Road: Boys on the Side and Thelma & Louise

Thelma & Louise
Another Gender Road Movie


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