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Wild at Heart

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"He's Elvis, she's Marilyn, they're madly in love and on the lam: they hop in her convertible and make an odyssey through Hell--or is it Oz?" (Leonard Maltin)
WildHear.jpg (44683 Byte) "I'd stand by you, Sailor,
if you were an embezzler."

"Hell, peanut, you stuck with me after I'd planted Bob Ray Lemon. A man can't ask for more than that."

"You move me, Sailor,
you really do. You mark me the deepest."

"You're perfect for me, too."

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Sailor is out of jail and Lula has come to pick him up. Her mom urged her to stay away from him, but Lula did not care. She is old enough to make her own decisions, and she has set her mind on keeping her sweetheart. So the two take to the road, heading toward Mexico, the run-aways' land, land of hopes and dreams. Will they ever get there with Lula's mother and Johnnie Farragut at their heels?

Get an impression of a bizzare journey through
a world
wild at heart and weird on top
and, to soothe the troubled soul,
pink happy end made
in Hollywood.

wildtape1.jpg (15530 Byte) Sailor and Lula -- out on the road through a world aflame with madness, looking for an escape from the past and a chance for the future.
The love they feel for each other is the one good thing in their lives. Love is sanity,
is stability, is security. Love is supposed to
protect their souls from the flames of
the earthly hell-fires. But their souls are already burning. And with every Moro
Lula lights in one of those bleak and shabby motel-rooms another painful memory bursts into her mind: suicide, rape, abortion. Slowly, dreams give way to reality; the past is catching up with Sailor and Lula --- or is it Johnnie Farragut in his '87 Cadillac Seville?
bunny.jpg (7977 Byte) Bobby Peru, the slimy criminal, and Lula, his victim. --
While Sailor's out, he comes to play a game of humiliation:

How's it goin', not feeling well lately? Sick?
You're pregnant, huh?
-- Ain't botherin' me; women are there to be fucked.
But I wan'em beg for it.
C'mon, say "Fuck me" --
"Fuck me", say it --
"Fuck me", "Fuck me", "Fuck me" . . .

"Fuck me"


Lula is pregnant, all right. It's O.K. if she wants to keep the baby. But what is a good man supposed to do when he has no home, no work, no money to support his future family, when there is nothing but a hysterical mother and her semi-criminal lover chasing them?

It doesn't take much effort for Bobby Peru to talk Sailor into robbing a bank together. The outcome: ten long years in a Texas prison, Lula back at her mother's, waiting.
Then, at last, Sailor's waiting at the station. After ten years of imprisonment he's wearing the snakeskin jacket, sign of his individuality, again.

This time Lula brings their son. It's a difficult situation: Pace hasn't met his dad yet. Will the boy accept him? Will Lula, Pace and Sailor become a real family and be able to to live a normal life after all those years of being separated, with all those crazy memories in the back of their minds?
Chances are low, it seems:

"It's a mistake honey. You too go on. I'll walk back to the depot."
What're you talkin' about? -----
Don't do this Sailor, please."
"You been doing fine without me, peanut. There ain't no need to make life tougher'n has to be."
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On his way to the depot, Sailor gets into a fight. A heavy punch on the nose brings him back to his senses:
after all, he realizes, Lula is still the best thing in his life. And he starts to run,

----- "Lulaaaaaa!!!!"

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