EVE - European Venus Explorer

An in-situ mission proposal to Venus within the ESA Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme

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 Meeting #1 - Noordwijk 01/2006  Meeting #2 - Paris 07/2006  Meeting #3 - Berlin 09/2006  Meeting #4 - Oxford 09/2007  Meeting #5 - Vienna 03/2007 Meeting #6 - Moscow 05/2007 Meeting #7 - Paris 06/2007


Landing-Sites WS - Vienna 11/06


"Around Venus

 by Balloon"

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 last update: 07/07/2007


The European Venus Explorer (EVE) is a mission proposed to the European Space Agency (ESA), for launch in 2016-2018.

 The EVE mission would focus on the evolution of Venus and its climate, with relevance to terrestrial planets everywhere.

This would be an international project, with participation from across Europe, Russia, the USA, Japan and Canada.

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Eric Chassefière

Principal Investigator

Service d’Aéronomie, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace

CNRS, Université Pierre & Marie Curie, Université de Versailles St-Quentin

Oleg Korablev

Takeshi Imamura

Russian Co-PI 

Japanese Co-PI


Kevin Baines  

Colin Wilson

US Lead-Investigator

European Co-PI


Steering Committee

K. Aplin (UK)

J. Lopez-Moreno (Spain)

T. Balint (USA)

B. Marty (France)

J. Blamont (France)

M. Martynov (Russia)

C. Cochrane (UK)

S. Pogrebenko (Holland)

Cs. Ferencz (Hungary)

A. Rodin (Russia)

F. Ferri (Italy)

D. Titov (Germany)

M. Gerasimov (Russia)

J. Whiteway (Canada)

J. Leitner (Austria)

L. Zasova (Russia)